The Meaning of Flowers

A funeral is a difficult time and they can require a great deal of planning. When choosing funeral flowers you want to ensure they reflect your love for the person who has passed away and help create a beautiful tribute to their lives. Knowing the meaning behind traditional funeral flowers and what they symbolise may help guide you in your decision. Please do remember that the flowers listed below are the most popular flowers used at funerals, there are no set rules that you have to use any of them. Pick a flower that means the most to you and provides you with the best comfort. 





 White Magnolia traditionally embody dignity and perseverance






White roses evoke innocence while red convey love, pink roses signify grace while crimson roses mean grief. Yellow roses at a funeral could symbolise a friends strong ties






Represent enduring love






Our favourite ( we may have used it in our logo ), symbolises purity and innocence being restored to the soul of the departed.  






Pink or Red camellias traditionally symbolises gratitude






Violets represent faithfulness






Red carnations symbolise admiration while pink carnations stand for remembrance. White carnations symbolise pure love and innocence






Again, white lilacs represent innocence 





Red tulips evoke forgiveness while White tulips represent the perfect love




Forget Me Nots


Represent true love and remembrance





Chrysanthemums symbolise death and grief and would be regarded as the 'standard' funeral flower





Represent strength of character and moral integrity 




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