Memorial Gifts - A new popular trend

As the trend to really personalise funerals increases we are seeing some really wonderful ideas emerge to help celebrate the life of a love one. There is no better way to celebrant ones life than by going to great lengths to keep their memory alive long after the funeral.  One increasingly popular way of achieving this is favours - what was once confined to the wedding world has now become a very popular way of showcasing the wonderful life of the deceased. 


A whole new art and craft industry has emerged due to its poularity and while there is an endless list of memorial favours and keepsakes available on the market we have decided to narrow it the top 5 that we like the most - we hope you agree :-)



5 ) Glass Vase ( For flowers or floating Candle ) 



These will look great no matter where they are placed in a house. Can be used as a flower vase but filled with water with a floating candle will not only create a beautiful setting but will also highlight your loved ones name on the side of the glass. 


Presenting those in attendance at your funeral with such a gift will increase the likelihood of it actually being brought home due to its size and weight. Unfortunately with smaller, lighter and and less noticeable gifts you have an increased chance of the gift being left behind or worse still tossed into a bin. 


Downside to such as gift would be the costing, having 1 or 200 engraved in time for a funeral can be very expensive. 


But worth it.





4) Personal Memory Cards


These are a wonderful way of letting your Family and friends write their memories of their loved one on the cards. The cards then fit inside the pouch. These memories can be shared for generations


Ideally you would like for guests to take them home with them but some request you write how you feel and then present them to the family, can act as great comfort especially if families are struggling to come to terms with their loss






3) Stones / Paperweight


What a perfect way to honour a loved one than with a personalised "In Loving Memory" stones, these are deeply engraved and say "In Loving Memory" on the front and on the back a personalised message or drawing. 


One benefit to them is they can be purchased at a reasonable rate ( obviously the more you order the cheaper they will be ) and of course given that they are stone they will last indefinitely.






2) Memorial Tree Seedlings


We love this simple yet beautiful idea.  You Plant this tree and then watch it grow and act as a constant reminder of your loved one.


Distribute these to your guests at the funeral,  family and friends will plant the trees and will grow in their memory


Not only are you giving back to nature but you are also ensuring the memory of your loved one lives on in nearly every garden of those that were in attendance of the funeral 


Beautiful way to keep a memory alive. 







1) Memorial Bookmarks



We are being slightly biased here with our top selection of memorial gifts as we actually provided complimentary bookmarks for everyone in attendance at all funerals that are placed in our care. 


We do this for one reason - they are a wonderful way to showcase the life of your loved in poetry and picture and serve as a practical gift that can be used for years to come. 


The traditional memorial cards are becoming a thing of the past, these serve as a beautiful replacement that don't cost half as much.


We also print these for families who have not used our services  - feel free to contact us today for more information on them .












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