The return of the Green Funeral

So what is involved in a green funeral or more to the point what is a green funeral? Firstly this is not a new concept; in fact it has been around for many centuries. The popularity of new methods such as vaults, liners, embalming, and mausoleums that delay the decomposition process eventually made 'traditional' funerals a thing of the past. However these new methods have proven to be doing more harm than good to the environment.


Over the last 15 years societies attitude towards pollution and the impact it has on the planet has increased. The popularity of organic products, renewable energy and eco friendly transport, it was only a matter of time before people directed their attention at funerals.  Funeral Directors have paid attention to this and now offer a rising number of eco options. So if going green appeals to you, here are five advantages of eco funerals and burials.



  • No Embalming - with an eco burial the focus is an all-natural processes with the body becoming one with the earth. 


  • Natural Growth - Headstones, marble borders and concrete are not permitted. The ground is left in its natural environment, which helps promote natural growth. 


  • 100% Natural - Eco funerals simply allows for the body to recycle and decompose in the most natural way possible. Wooden coffins are replaced with wicker and bamboo


  • Park like settings - Wildflowers can be planted around the burial plot-creating colour against the backdrop of the woodland. With no headstones to spoil the view, the burial ground becomes more like a park than a cemetery.


  • Positive attitude - Family and friends wishing to pay their respects can now visit the burial and not be confronted by death everywhere they look. Given that it is a woodland families may wish to partake in outdoor activities and make a family day out of every visit.


While we understand Eco Burials may not be for everyone, we do have a number of options available that allow you to hold a traditional funeral and still reduce your carbon emissions. It is now the duty of Funeral Directors along with other industry professionals to create a happy medium were modern traditional values are still respected, but steps taken to be more conscious of the environment. I believe we are getting there. 



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