Creating a Bucket List

This is one thing we highly recommend at Dixons. Set goals. Stick to these goals and explore life. As Morgan Freeman says in Shawshank Redemption - Get busy living or get busy dying.


Here is 5 reasons why you really need to sit down and work out a list of things to do before you 'kick the bucket' - remember it does not matter if your 21 or 81 -It's never to early to start and definitely never too late. 


  • A list of things to accomplish in life gives you direction. Give yourself a clear path in life to follow. Writing down your goals, your desired accomplishments and the experiences will help you stay on course. Life will throw set backs in your way and try and distract you, this is normal, but when you are ready to move forward again, your list will be waiting for you to get back on track. Put some meaning back into your life. 


  • Every New Year we make silly resolutions that 9 times out of 10 we never carry out. Having a bucket list sets realistic goals. It will allow you to sit down and re-evaluate where you are in life, re-energise yourself and move forward. Pull it out at the start of every year and mark off 2/3 things to achieve this year. Beats going to the gym for 3 weeks non-stop at the start of every year.



  • One piece of advice you constantly hear successful businessmen say is 'reward yourself'. When you achieve a major milestone in your life and succeed in your career you should always try and give yourself a reward.  Your bucket list will double up as a reward list - when you achieve a goal at work or home carry out something from your bucket list.  Fantastic way to self motivate. 


  • A list will help create a positive attitude and relationship with others, share your list with family and friends who can help achieve your goals and vice versa. When people come together to help each other you will soon see your dreams become reality. 


  •  But for me the main reason to create a bucket list is to say - I explored, I dreamed, I discovered. Leave a legacy for your family and friends, create wonderful stories for the grandchildren - that hopefully one day, will turn into dreams for them and a whole new adventure begins.


Get writing your bucket list today and feel free to share with us below (or on Facebook)


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